Chasing Impact

Do You Compromise Or Prioritize The Important Things In Your Life?

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Do The Most Important Things In Your Life Get the Attention They Deserve?

Find Your Focus.

Do you neglect your physical health or family for the sake of your career? Does your relationship with God get neglected because of too many obligations and busyness? We often compromise the most important things in our lives, and wonder why we are stressed, overwhelmed, discouraged, or just plain worn out. Chasing Impact helps bring back focus and priority to areas in life that deserve the most attention, which helps influence balance in a way that produces more impact.

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You Are Not The Only One Struggling With Juggling Life.

Chasing Impact has been written to help YOU consider how worldly distractions, influences, and chaos can be managed simply by understanding the vitality of the lens in which we look at the world and how we have the ability to slow down and impact the world around us.

Meet Ryan

Ryan is the founder and current executive director of Impact Montana and has been influential in the several projects dedicated to enhancing support for Montana military service members, veterans, first responders and their families.